Voice Recorder LIY7-C97

Model: C97                     Weight: approx. 81g                   Recording format: WAV 

Model: C97                     Weight: approx. 81g                   Recording format: WAV                   Size: 103*38*13.5mm

Capacity: 8G-64GB         Interface: mini USB                    Material: Metal                      Recording time: 45 hours

Outer box size: 51.5 x 28.5 x 40cm                 One box number: 100 units

Number of folders: 199 files

Recording format: WMA format (128Kbps), 32KHz sampling frequency - 384KHz sampling frequency

Frequency: 24Hz

Recording power: 7mA-12mA

Actual maximum output: (L) 9mW+(R) 9mW (32Ohm)

External input: Headphones 3.5pie stereo jack

External Mike: 3.5pie stereo jack

USB: In-line PC Interface USB1.1/USB2.0 FULL Speed

Built-in speaker output: 800mW

Built-in speaker: Dynamic 26mm, 8ohm

Built-in MIC: Non-directional capacitor mic

S/N (noise ratio): 90dB

Power supply mode: rated voltage Lithium battery (500MA): 3.6V-4.2V

USB input rated voltage / power: 5V300MAH-5V1000MAH

Storage: Embedded Flash

Operating temperature: -40 ° C ~ 60 ° C

Weight: About 81g (Except Battery)

Dimensions : 103mm × 38mm × 13.5m

Battery life: Recording 45 hours Play 12 hours









One-touch recording.
199 recording files can be stored.
Professional WAV format recording.
Blu-ray color screen.
One-click save function.
Support phone recording function.
Support multiple formats of audio playback.
Recording low power auto save function.
Automatic shutdown/power saving function.
Free drive U disk function, USB2.0 universal interface, high speed data transmission.
Mobile hard disk storage function.
Recording automatic gain function (AGC), recording monitoring function.
Built-in microphone (capacitive) recording.
LP.SP.HQ.SHQ and other recording samples.
LINE IN audio direct recording function.
Built-in high quality speakers.